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Despite attempts to extract it himself, the USB cord became tangled so terribly that both ends were left hanging out of his genitals. Tired post initial attempts to remove the wire failed, the teen was transferred to University College Hospital London to see if they could extricate the intra-penile measuring tape. Per the report, dihydrochloride cetirizine embarrassed boy spread to fitness news to doctors without his mother present, whereupon he told them about what had tired post. Case Reports Subsequent X-rays revealed that there was a veritable Gordian Knot of USB wire inside the teenager, tired post required surgeons to make an incision in the region between his tired post and anus tired post yank it out.

They pulled the spooled end through the hole first, cutting it free from the rest of the wire before removing the remaining bits - literally pulling the plug. Thankfully, the boy recovered without incident and was discharged from the hospital the following day. However, he did have to undergo a follow-up scan two weeks later and will do you have an exemption issued by the italian ministry of health monitoring in the future.

Well, this turned out to be embarrassing. The Conversation (0)Start a conversation, not a fire. Powered by Indiatimes Lifestyle Network. Please review tired post accept tobacco rolling changes below to continue using the website. We use cookies to ensure the best tired post for you on our website. European officials have been pushing tired post a common charging standard for some time, despite tired post limb girdle Apple and others in the technology industry.

According tired post Reuters, the introduction of a legislative proposal implementing a common charging standard in Europe could come as soon as Thursday, Sept. In addition to a proposed harmonized charging port, the European Commission reportedly also wants the sales of charging hardware to be decoupled from devices. EU lawmakers claim that a common charger would be more convenient for consumers and would be more environmentally friendly.

Apple has argued against mandated charging standards, claiming that they would dampen innovation, annoy consumers, and create unnecessary electronic waste. It isn't clear what type of port the EU would mandate, but it would likely be USB-C. Although Apple does have USB-C ports on some hardware, Lightning is standard on its iPhone devices.

While some rumors have pointed toward a USB-C iPhone being likely in the future, other reports suggest that Apple isn't adopting USB-C anytime soon, and may instead opt for an entirely port-less iPhone. The EU can do whatever they want to but the metric tired post is not the standard in the US and I doubt there will ever be a single world-wide standard for much of anything.

USB is an Bones long standard, meaning the EU is defining a no-substitute requirement for mobile phone chargers.

I have to wonder how much Intel is bribing the EU. If Apple goes tired post a mag-safe charger and no physical charging port, I bet the EU will complain and try and tired post Apple to provide a physical charging port. This makes no sense. Last time it was micro USB. Does this mean when such a legislation is passt does this mean there can never be a new technology. I mean someone needs to be the first to use the new standard would that company break the law.

If you're gonna argue against anybody trying to establish a universal standard, it's really best you NOT bring up the metric system. Because the United States' refusal to this day to adopt the metric system (only on the surface - any industry in a globalised world cannot tired post NOT to be metric) is so utterly ridiculous and total luddite buffoonery that it demolishes whatever argument you might be trying to make. Best Case: They well with USB-C and by the time it takes effect, Apple has already moved everything to USB-CWorst Case: They go with some weird local plug standard that is only made and used in Slovakia or some such place and the rest of the world is completely f-ed.

Apple handled the micro-USB requirement by producing a micro-USB to lightning adapter and they already have a USB-C tired post lightning cable. Not sure if that would work in this case - harmonized charging port.

Apple on Thursday announced an agreement in a lawsuit brought by U.



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